Presbyterian Church

Bibletimes Marketplace:  July 9-13th, 2018; 9am- noon at Epiphany Catholic Church 

What is Bibletimes Marketplace? It is a week-long, ecumenical, multigenerational experience of Bible School led with our covenant partners, St Lukes and Epiphany Catholic churches. The curriculum is designed as a six-cycle offering, taught in sequence for six summers. This year we are studying Year E - The birth and life of Jesus, life under the Roman occupation and Jesus preaching of the reign of God, and his death and resurrection.

This experience is for children entering kindergarten through 6th grade who will gather in tents as part of a tribal family. Children entering 7th grade and higher can act as a tent aide, craft worker, story/drama participant, or help with childcare. Adults are needed to participate as tent parent, craft worker, kitchen worker, or working with preschoolers or childcare. The preschool program and nursery are provided for the children of workers.



Please register for Bibletimes 2018. The Deadline for registration is June 22, 2018.

For planning purposes, please sign up as soon as possible. 


Current Sunday Worship TimE

8:45 AM  and 

11:00 AM

*please check the calendar for specific dates