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This year's Bibletimes Marketplace is a flexible, virtual experience. You and your family can choose a time that is convenient for you to watch the videos and do the craft. This year we are in Year B of our 6 year cycle. The theme covers the call to Abraham through the Exodus. We hope you find it to be a meaningful experience for your family as you learn about these foundational stories of our faith.

     To view the General manual for Bibletimes for some of the background on the stories and living in Bible times, please click here

MONDAY: Day One: Love and Laughter                 
The story of Abraham, Genesis 21-25
TUESDAY: Day Two: Twins and Trouble
Jacob and Esau, Genesis 25-33
WEDNESDAY: Day Three: Blessings in Disguise
Joseph, Genesis 37-47
THURSDAY: Day Four: The Great Escape
Moses,  Exodus 1-12
FRIDAY: Day 5: Free at last!
The Exodus, Exodus 14, Numbers, Deuteronony and Joshua
Walk from Anchorage Presbyterian Church to Hobbs Chapel and back. Meet at APC at 9AM
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