Anchorage Announcements 
July 22, 2021


To say the least, our venture into the world of live-streaming worship services has been challenging. If you have been watching (or attempting to watch) on YouTube, you have no doubt noticed that the stream is constantly buffering. We have been working regularly to fix the issues with no success.

First, we upgraded our upload speeds from Spectrum because they were below streaming standards. This was a necessary move, but was only one piece of the puzzle. Soon, we will be installing some new hardware into the computer running the streaming, which we believe will solve the problem. 

Unfortunately, many other churches have had some growing pains with their streaming as well. So, we are not alone. But sharing our message to not only our members but potential new members via the internet is important to us and we are determined to get things up and running. 

Until this is remedied, we won't be livestreaming the 10AM service. We will, however, be recording the service and will upload it to our YouTube page immediately following the service. It typically takes YouTube about an hour to make the video available.  

We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you posted on progress. Thank you for your patience. 



The Session endorsed A Place at the Table's recommendation to have an educational series this fall related to our commitment as a Matthew 25 church. There will be an introduction to what being a Matthew 25 church means after worship one Sunday in September or October. After that, there will be one session a month on a Sunday evening where a topic will be presented by a local expert of sorts regarding poverty in Louisville. Stay tuned for more information!


In addition to resuming passing offering plates and doing communion through intinction, the Worship Committee also made recommendations to Session and the Session approved changing the 8:45AM service to 9AM starting in the Fall, and moving the later Christmas Eve service to 9PM instead of 10:50PM to be more accommodating to both parents with young children and elderly members. There will also be a Brush Arbor outdoor service on September 5 on the Anchorage Trail as we have done in years past. 

The Finance Committee met and reviewed the financials for the first half of the year. They also began discussing the budget for 2022 and plan to have that information to the Stewardship Committee in a few months. Mary Jo Davis' 5 year term as treasurer will be up in December, so they discussed finding a new treasurer with the understanding that no one will be able to replace Mary Jo! 


In light of the mask recommendations released by the State of Kentucky this week in response to the Delta variant, we continue to strongly recommend that those who are unvaccinated, and those at higher risk due to preexisting conditions, wear a mask when inside the church building. 

The recent recommendations from the governor can be found at this link


Words cannot express the gratefulness we feel in our hearts for our church family. From the most delicious meals to late night conversations with Pastor Tara, you have stood by our side through each day of Rick’s diagnosis, Whipple surgery, and recovery. To the deacons, session, and each member of Anchorage Presbyterian Church, we are lovingly in your debt.

- Rick, Jeannine, Matthew, and David Ary