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Confirmation consists of a preparation period that culminates in the opportunity for youth to profess their personal faith and the faith of the church and to declare their intent to take part actively and responsibly in the church's worship and mission.


Confirmation is typically open to 8th graders and up who have not joined the church by profession of faith.


At APC, we do Confirmation in just three sessions, not weekly meetings. If you must miss one of the sessions, it must be made up. Alongside those sessions there are other tasks to be completed throughout the year. To complete the Confirmation process, youth profess their faith before the Session and are presented in front of the congregation in the late Spring (either  Easter Sunday or Youth Sunday).


Confirmation is not meant to be a crash course in Christianity, but an opportunity to welcome youth into an intentional time of discernment and conversations about faith. It is not uncommon for youth to go through Confirmation and not join the church after discerning what they [don't] believe.


If you have a youth who is interested in participating, email John.

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