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Reverend Tara N. Reck

Tara Nicholas Reck has been a member of Anchorage Presbyterian Church since she was in middle school at Anchorage School. Ordained in 2005, Tara served as a Palliative Care Chaplain at University of Louisville Hospital for ten years. In 2015, she became a part-time Associate Pastor of Anchorage Presbyterian and then in January of 2017, she was installed as a full-time Co-Pastor with Dee Wade. In July of 2019, she became Pastor (head of staff) upon Dee Wade's retirement. 

She is married to Hanns-Georg Reck, an RN and Woodworker, and they have twin daughters who are in high school. They have two dogs, Jessie and Willow, and 3 cats, Simba, Paprika and Nova. 

Tara is a graduate of Transylvania University and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, class of 2003. 


To contact Tara, you can email her at or call the church office at 245-5818. 



Reverend John Kupar 

John Kupar came home to Kentucky in 2021 as the church's Associate Pastor.  John is a cradle Presbyterian from Lexington, Kentucky and a graduate of the University of Kentucky. After graduation, John spent two years serving in the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program of the PC(USA). He graduated from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.


John finds joy in working with children and youth, but also teaching the Bible for all ages. He enjoys Biblical academics and their implications for life. John is serious in his work especially when reading and translating Hebrew and developing curriculum to meet specific teaching goals including inter-generational projects. You will also find him serious about fun. He loves playing ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and ukulele. He tells corny jokes and dreams of one day rightly predicting the final four in the March Madness bracket.


John previously served as the Associate Pastor for youth and young adults at First Presbyterian Church of Pensacola, FL. John joined the staff of APC in March of 2021. 


John’s and his wife Rev. Katherine Kupar are both graduates of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Katherine and John met in New Orleans when they were serving in the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program and they were married in 2018. Katherine serves as the Parish Associate at Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church. They have one son, Burnam. 

To contact John, email him at or call the church office at 245-5818. 


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Reverend Dee H. Wade

Dee Hamilton Wade was the Pastor of Anchorage Presbyterian Church from 1997-2019. Previously, he was Pastor of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Presbyterian, Anniston, Alabama and Pastor of the Mt. Horeb Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky. In January of 2017, Dee was re-installed as a Co-Pastor with Tara Reck. Dee retired in July of 2019 and was named Pastor Emeritus by the Session, an honor for his 22 years of faithful service to the church. 

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