2022 Pledge

Thank you for your support!


Our Call 

"Now if you are unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served in the region beyond the River or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." - Joshua 24:15


The people of Israel spent 40 years in the desert, many losing hope of finding their way to the Promised Land, losing their faith in the Lord and turning to pagan gods. Joshua stood before the tribes of Israel and challenged them with these words.


Today, this is a popular verse that you may find on a decorative plaque in a home. It serves as a statement of commitment, but much like Joshua intended, it is also a call to put words into action.


Our 2022 stewardship campaign invites you to become more engaged in your faith. A church may be a fixed structure, but THE church is a living, breathing thing. And, its health depends on the stewardship of its members.


Take some time to reflect and answer Joshua's question. How is your house serving the Lord? Are you actively participating in worship? Are you engaged in Sunday School or other learning opportunities? Are you connected to our groups that focus on service to fellow members and those in need? Are you giving to the church so it can live out its mission?


Recommit the people of your house to serve the Lord, the church and our community.

Get Active


A church is just a building without its people.  Anchorage Presbyterian is an active, vibrant community because we have so many members helping us live out our mission every day : Gathering people of God into community; Growing followers of Jesus Christ in faith, hope, and love; and sending servants of the Holy Spirit into the world. 

There many ways to get involved. Whether it's supporting church events, helping with worship, joining a committee, engaging in different groups or supporting the numerous charities we sponsor, you will likely find something that enriches your faith journey.  

We encourage you not only to give your treasure, but your talent as well by getting more involved in our church. 

Each week, we will introduce you to members living out the church mission. 

We Accomplished A Lot in 2021


Despite difficult circumstances, we, as a faith community, rallied around our mission to accomplish incredible things. Whether through Zoom or in person, we stayed connected through fellowship, worship and learning. 

Associate Pastor Rev. John Kupar was a highlight of the year in addition to the completion of the Memorial Garden and the return to in-person worship.  

We wanted to share a few more of our major accomplishments below, categorized by our mission statement: 

Gather people of God into community,

Outside Worship Tab.jpg

In-person worship resumes

with new virtual capabilities

Welcome John Tab.jpg

Installation of

Rev. John Kupar

as Associate Pastor

Mem Garden Tab.jpg

Completion of

new Memorial Garden and first member burials

Shower Tab.jpg

Baby shower celebration for the birth of John and Katherine's child

Grow followers of Jesus Christ in faith, hope, and love, and

Bibletimes Tab.jpg

Bibletimes Marketplace with St. Luke's and Epiphany

Backpack Tab.jpg

Blessing of the Backpacks for students returning to the classroom

Sunday School Tab.jpg

First Sunday School

classes in the newly renovated rooms

Anchorage Logo Tab.jpg

New logo

development and

branding for

the church

Send servants of the Holy Spirit into the world.

Sulmi Tab.png

Support for PathLight students Sulmi and Dindsale

Afghan Tab.jpg

Furnishing the new apartment for Afghan refugee family

Camp Tab.jpg

Support for the Cedar Ridge Camp

Matthew 25.png

Designation as a

Matthew 25 Church

What are Your Fellow Members Saying? 


Over the last several weeks, we have heard many voices speaking of our church and its impact on all of us. On the heels of a successful capital campaign that brought new life to the physical structure of our spiritual home, we turn our focus to the daily needs of the church and its community. We would like to ask you to continue that generosity and increase your annual giving to address current and expected expenses.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, APC has encountered numerous hurdles and expenses, and it has been a challenge to effectively and meaningfully provide a virtual worship experience while we were unable to gather in person. Many members continue to feel safest worshipping from home, and our analytics show we are averaging more than 85 views of our service each week. Our 2022 budget needs to be able to support additional upgrades to our technological systems, as well as continued staffing to produce and deliver the online experience to our congregation and beyond.

In order to keep up with the high-demand job market and surge in cost of living, we would like to boost staff salaries. Finally, we would like to return to our previous mission giving level of 20% of our budget as we did for many years, which was reduced to 15% to accommodate our budget. Our pledges will decide if we can achieve the growth in mission and support of our staff.

We want to ask you to join us in prayerfully considering an increase in your giving of 5-10% for the coming year. If you are not currently pledging, please do so generously within your means. Our theme this year informs our giving: As for us and our houses, we will serve the Lord. With your financial support, let us continue to

Gather people of God into community,

Grow followers of Jesus Christ in faith, hope, and love, and

Send servants of the Holy Spirit into the world.


Thank you

Yunker Headshot2.png

Over the last few weeks, I have spent much time thinking about what Anchorage Presbyterian Church means to me and about the ways in which my family has experienced our church mission: gathering people of God into community, growing followers of Jesus Christ in faith, hope, and love; and sending servants of the Holy Spirit into the world.

When Tosha, Ella, and I first came to Anchorage Presbyterian, we were welcomed into worship, laughed and shared stories at Third Friday Dinners, and quickly were made to feel a part of the church community. We were gathered and it is amazing to see how our church continues to grow with new members and families, pastors, and facilities, through the Harvest Capital Campaign.

Moreover, when my mom passed away a few years ago, this congregation gathered and supported me through counsel with the pastor, kind words in times of worship, and many unexpected notes of sympathy which all meant a great deal. 


We have grown through the fellowship of Sunday School and are grateful the Church has so many members who dedicate their time and effort as teachers. Additionally, through the church’s support of PathLight International students, we have not only been able to help with sending the Holy Spirit into the world, but also  teaching our family about other parts of the world.


Our church fulfills its mission because of the commitment we make, both in our involvement and through our stewardship, whereby we pledge our support to the church and its operating budget. The theme for this year’s stewardship campaign is, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” which comes from Joshua 24:15. In this scripture, Joshua challenges us to make our commitment to God, to stand up and choose decisively to follow God and devote our resources to that purpose.


As you consider your pledge of financial support for Anchorage Presbyterian Church this next year, I hope you will join in making your commitment by Pledge Dedication Sunday on November 14, to ensure the church can continue to fulfill its mission. We face new financial challenges that did not exist before the pandemic, and our church has invested in the infrastructure to deliver God’s message to the congregation in many new ways. We also want to continue to support our outreach to the community at home and abroad through Eastern Area Community Ministries, PathLight International, Hope Health Clinic, Supplies Over Seas, Cabbage Patch Settlement House, and Habitat for Humanity. Your pledge to the operating budget is vital for the church to be able to carry out its work. 


Good things are happening here at Anchorage Presbyterian Church and they could not happen without your support! Thank you for being a part of our church community and I look forward to seeing you all in worship again soon.